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Effects of system complexity on protein aggregation in neurodegeneration
M Sanguanini
Exploration of Long-Chain Vitamin E Metabolites for the Discovery of a Highly Potent, Orally Effective, and Metabolically Stable 5-LOX Inhibitor that Limits Inflammation
K Neukirch, K Alsabil, C-P Dinh, R Bilancia, M Raasch, A Ville, I Cerqua, G Viault, D Bréard, S Pace, V Temml, E Brunner, PM Jordan, MC Marques, K Loeser, A Gollowitzer, S Permann, J Gerstmeier, S Lorkowski, H Stuppner, U Garscha, T Rodrigues, GJL Bernardes, D Schuster, D Séraphin, P Richomme, A Rossi, AS Mosig, F Roviezzo, O Werz, J-J Helesbeux, A Koeberle
– J Med Chem
Arylethynyltrifluoroborate Dienophiles for on Demand Activation of IEDDA Reactions
Z Zawada, Z Guo, BL Oliveira, CD Navo, H Li, PMSD Cal, F Corzana, G Jiménez-Osés, GJL Bernardes
– Bioconjugate chemistry
Exogenous misfolded protein oligomers can cross the intestinal barrier and cause a disease phenotype in C. elegans
M Perni, B Mannini, CK Xu, JR Kumita, CM Dobson, F Chiti, M Vendruscolo
– Scientific reports
The unhappy chaperone
S Linse, K Thalberg, TPJ Knowles
– QRB Discovery
Liquid–Liquid Phase‐Separated Systems from Reversible Gel–Sol Transition of Protein Microgels
Y Xu, R Qi, H Zhu, B Li, Y Shen, G Krainer, D Klenerman, TPJ Knowles
– Adv Mater
Protein Conjugation by Electrophilic Alkynylation Using 5-(Alkynyl)dibenzothiophenium Triflates
V Laserna, A Istrate, K Kafuta, TA Hakala, TPJ Knowles, M Alcarazo, GJL Bernardes
– Bioconjug Chem
Two human metabolites rescue a C. elegans model of Alzheimer's disease via a cytosolic unfolded protein response
P Joshi, M Perni, R Limbocker, B Mannini, S Casford, S Chia, J Habchi, J Labbadia, CM Dobson, M Vendruscolo
– Communications Biology
Heat treatment of thioredoxin fusions increases the purity of α‐helical transmembrane protein constructs
M Schenkel, A Treff, CM Deber, G Krainer, M Schlierf
– Protein Sci
New recommendations to reduce unnecessary blood tests after robot‐assisted radical prostatectomy
A Nathan, N Hanna, A Rashid, S Patel, Y Phuah, K Flora, M Fricker, P Cleaveland, V Kasivisvanathan, N Williams, S Miah, J Collins, A Kelkar, A Sridhar, J Hines, T Briggs, J Kelly, N Shah, G Shaw, P Sooriakumaran, P Rajan, BW Lamb, S Nathan
– BJU International
Biomembranes in bioelectronic sensing
AK Jayaram, AM Pappa, S Ghosh, ZA Manzer, WC Traberg, TPJ Knowles, S Daniel, RM Owens
– Trends in Biotechnology
Advances in protein-protein interaction network analysis for Parkinson's disease.
JE Tomkins, C Manzoni
– Neurobiology of disease
Strategy for Controlled Protection of Redox-Cycling Ortho-Quinones with Self-Immolative Linkers
L Dunsmore
Distinct responses of human peripheral blood cells to different misfolded protein oligomers.
M Leal-Lasarte, B Mannini, F Chiti, M Vendruscolo, CM Dobson, C Roodveldt, D Pozo
– Immunology
Squalamine and Its Derivatives Modulate the Aggregation of Amyloid-β and α-Synuclein and Suppress the Toxicity of Their Oligomers.
R Limbocker, R Staats, S Chia, FS Ruggeri, B Mannini, CK Xu, M Perni, R Cascella, A Bigi, LR Sasser, NR Block, AK Wright, RP Kreiser, ET Custy, G Meisl, S Errico, J Habchi, P Flagmeier, T Kartanas, JE Hollows, LT Nguyen, K LeForte, D Barbut, JR Kumita, C Cecchi, M Zasloff, TPJ Knowles, CM Dobson, F Chiti, M Vendruscolo
– Front Neurosci
Controlled self-assembly of plant proteins into high-performance multifunctional nanostructured films
A Kamada, M Rodriguez-Garcia, FS Ruggeri, Y Shen, A Levin, TPJ Knowles
– Nature communications
Generic nature of the condensed states of proteins.
M Fuxreiter, M Vendruscolo
– Nature cell biology
A gene signature for Alzheimer’s disease using RNAi in C. elegans
P Ciryam
pH-Responsive Capsules with a Fibril Scaffold Shell Assembled from an Amyloidogenic Peptide.
U Shimanovich, A Levin, D Eliaz, T Michaels, Z Toprakcioglu, B Frohm, E De Genst, S Linse, KS Åkerfeldt, TPJ Knowles
– Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany)
The multifaceted nature of antimicrobial peptides: current synthetic chemistry approaches and future directions
BH Gan, J Gaynord, SM Rowe, T Deingruber, DR Spring
– Chemical Society Reviews