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Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) allow sensitive differentiation of biological soil quality
RW Brown, ID Bull, T Journeaux, DR Chadwick, DL Jones
– Soil Biology and Biochemistry
Understanding protein misfolding diseases through the development of biophysical methods
R Lessa Cataldi
Allosteric Antagonist Modulation of TRPV2 by Piperlongumine Impairs Glioblastoma Progression
J Conde, RA Pumroy, C Baker, T Rodrigues, A Guerreiro, BB Sousa, MC Marques, BP de Almeida, S Lee, EP Leites, D Picard, A Samanta, SH Vaz, F Sieglitz, M Langini, M Remke, R Roque, T Weiss, M Weller, Y Liu, S Han, F Corzana, VA Morais, CC Faria, T Carvalho, P Filippakopoulos, B Snijder, NL Barbosa-Morais, VY Moiseenkova-Bell, GJL Bernardes
– ACS Central Science
Uncertainty in protein-ligand binding constants: asymmetric confidence intervals versus standard errors.
V Paketurytė, V Petrauskas, A Zubrienė, O Abian, M Bastos, W-Y Chen, MJ Moreno, G Krainer, V Linkuvienė, A Sedivy, A Velazquez-Campoy, MA Williams, D Matulis
– Eur Biophys J
A mistranslation-prone transcriptome underlying polyglutamine expansion diseases.
F Buhr, PS Ciryam, M Vendruscolo
– Nature reviews. Molecular cell biology
Learning the molecular grammar of protein condensates from sequence determinants and embeddings
KL Saar, AS Morgunov, R Qi, WE Arter, G Krainer, AA Lee, TPJ Knowles
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Interactions of α-synuclein oligomers with lipid membranes
G Musteikytė, AK Jayaram, CK Xu, M Vendruscolo, G Krainer, TPJ Knowles
– Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Biomembranes
Characterisation of the structural, dynamic and aggregation properties of the W64R amyloidogenic variant of human lysozyme
N Vettore, J Moray, A Brans, R Herman, P Charlier, JR Kumita, F Kerff, CM Dobson, M Dumoulin
– Biophys Chem
Hydrogen Atom Transfer-Driven Enantioselective Minisci Reaction of Amides.
RSJ Proctor, P Chuentragool, AC Colgan, RJ Phipps
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
The role of clearance mechanisms in the kinetics of pathological protein aggregation involved in neurodegenerative diseases.
TB Thompson, G Meisl, TPJ Knowles, A Goriely
– J Chem Phys
Investigating the effects of extracellular biomolecules on Aß1-42 oligomer uptake and trafficking by microglia cells
N Kloss
The role of reversible and irreversible covalent chemistry in targeted protein degradation.
H Kiely-Collins, GE Winter, GJL Bernardes
– Cell Chem Biol
Scaling analysis reveals the mechanism and rates of prion replication in vivo
G Meisl, T Kurt, I Condado-Morales, C Bett, S Sorce, M Nuvolone, TCT Michaels, D Heinzer, M Avar, SIA Cohen, S Hornemann, A Aguzzi, CM Dobson, CJ Sigurdson, TPJ Knowles
– Nature Structural and Molecular Biology
From Protein Building Blocks to Functional Materials
Y Shen, A Levin, A Kamada, Z Toprakcioglu, M Rodriguez-Garcia, Y Xu, TPJ Knowles
– ACS nano
Shear-mediated sol-gel transition of regenerated silk allows the formation of Janus-like microgels
Z Toprakcioglu, TPJ Knowles
– Sci Rep
The release of toxic oligomers from α-synuclein fibrils induces dysfunction in neuronal cells.
R Cascella, SW Chen, A Bigi, JD Camino, CK Xu, CM Dobson, F Chiti, N Cremades, C Cecchi
– Nat Commun
Comparative Studies in the A30P and A53T α-Synuclein C. elegans Strains to Investigate the Molecular Origins of Parkinson's Disease
M Perni, A van der Goot, R Limbocker, TJ van Ham, FA Aprile, CK Xu, P Flagmeier, K Thijssen, P Sormanni, G Fusco, SW Chen, PK Challa, JB Kirkegaard, RF Laine, KY Ma, MBD Müller, T Sinnige, JR Kumita, SIA Cohen, R Seinstra, GS Kaminski Schierle, CF Kaminski, D Barbut, A De Simone, TPJ Knowles, M Zasloff, EAA Nollen, M Vendruscolo, CM Dobson
– Frontiers in cell and developmental biology
Kinetic analysis reveals that independent nucleation events determine the progression of polyglutamine aggregation in C. elegans
T Sinnige, G Meisl, TCT Michaels, M Vendruscolo, TPJ Knowles, RI Morimoto
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Rationally Designed Bicyclic Peptides Prevent the Conversion of Aβ42 Assemblies Into Fibrillar Structures
T Ikenoue, FA Aprile, P Sormanni, M Vendruscolo
– Front Neurosci
Supramolecular Peptide Nanofibrils with Optimized Sequences and Molecular Structures for Efficient Retroviral Transduction
S Sieste, T Mack, E Lump, M Hayn, D Schütz, A Röcker, C Meier, K Kaygisiz, F Kirchhoff, TPJ Knowles, FS Ruggeri, CV Synatschke, J Münch, T Weil
– Advanced Functional Materials