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Centre for Misfolding Diseases

Herchel Smith Research Fellow


Surface Electrostatics Govern the Emulsion Stability of Biomolecular Condensates.
TJ Welsh, G Krainer, JR Espinosa, JA Joseph, A Sridhar, M Jahnel, WE Arter, KL Saar, S Alberti, R Collepardo-Guevara, TPJ Knowles
– Nano Lett
Single-molecule sizing through nano-cavity confinement
R Jacquat, G Krainer, Q Peter, AN Babar, O Vanderpoorten, C Xu, C Kaminski, U Keyser, J Baumberg, T Knowles
2-photon-fabricated nano-fluidic traps for extended detection of single macromolecules and colloids in solution
O Vanderpoorten, AN Babar, G Krainer, RPB Jacquat, P Challa, Q Peter, Z Toprakcioglu, C Xu, U Keyser, J Baumberg, C Kaminski, T Knowles
The chromatin regulator HMGA1a undergoes phase separation in the nucleus
H Zhu, M Narita, J Joseph, G Krainer, W Arter, I Olan, K Saar, N Ermann, J Espinosa, Y Shen, MA Kuri, R Qi, T Welsh, Y Xu, R Collepardo-Guevara, M Narita, T Knowles
The Hsc70 disaggregation machinery removes monomer units directly from alpha-synuclein fibril ends
MM Schneider, S Gautam, TW Herling, E Andrzejewska, G Krainer, AM Miller, VA Trinkaus, QAE Peter, FS Ruggeri, M Vendruscolo, A Bracher, CM Dobson, FU Hartl, TPJ Knowles
– Nat Commun
Can single-component protein condensates form multiphase architectures?
A Garaizar, J Espinosa, J Joseph, G Krainer, Y Shen, TPJ Knowles, R Collepardo-Guevara
Liquid-liquid phase separation underpins the formation of replication factories in rotaviruses.
F Geiger, J Acker, G Papa, X Wang, WE Arter, KL Saar, N Erkamp, R Qi, J Bravo, S Strauss, G Krainer, OR Burrone, R Jungmann, TPJ Knowles, H Engelke, A Borodavka
– The EMBO journal
Conformational Expansion of Tau in Condensates Promotes Irreversible Aggregation.
J Wen, L Hong, G Krainer, Q-Q Yao, TPJ Knowles, S Wu, S Perrett
– J Am Chem Soc
Liquid-Liquid Phase-Separated Systems from Reversible Gel-Sol Transition of Protein Microgels.
Y Xu, R Qi, H Zhu, B Li, Y Shen, G Krainer, D Klenerman, TPJ Knowles
– Adv Mater
Heat treatment of thioredoxin fusions increases the purity of alpha-helical transmembrane protein constructs
M Schenkel, A Treff, CM Deber, G Krainer, M Schlierf
– Protein Science
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