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Dominance Analysis: A formalism to uncover dominant energetic contributions to biomolecular condensate formation in multicomponent systems
D Qian, H Ausserwoger, T Sneideris, M Farag, RV Pappu, TPJ Knowles
Temperature-induced changes in protein interactions control RNA recruitment to G3BP1 condensates
CM Fischer, H Ausserwöger, T Sneideris, D Qian, R Scrutton, S Qamar, P St George-Hyslop, TPJ Knowles
Targeting nucleic acid phase transitions as a mechanism of action for antimicrobial peptides
T Sneideris, NA Erkamp, H Ausserwöger, KL Saar, TJ Welsh, D Qian, K Katsuya-Gaviria, MLLY Johncock, G Krainer, A Borodavka, TPJ Knowles
– Nat Commun
Linking modulation of bio-molecular phase behaviour with collective interactions
D Qian, H Ausserwoger, W Arter, R Scrutton, T Welsh, T Kartanas, N Ermann, S Qamar, C Fischer, T Sneideris, PS George-Hyslop, R Pappu, T Knowles
Amyloid formation as a protein phase transition
TCT Michaels, D Qian, A Šarić, M Vendruscolo, S Linse, TPJ Knowles
– Nature Reviews Physics
Quantifying collective interactions in biomolecular phase separation
H Ausserwöger, D Qian, G Krainer, E de Csilléry, T Welsh, T Sneideris, T Franzmann, S Qamar, N Erkamp, J Nixon-Abell, M Kar, PS George-Hyslop, A Hyman, S Alberti, R Pappu, T Knowles
Theoretical and Data-Driven Approaches for Biomolecular Condensates
KL Saar, D Qian, LL Good, AS Morgunov, R Collepardo-Guevara, RB Best, TPJ Knowles
– Chemical Reviews
Multidimensional Protein Solubility Optimization with an Ultrahigh-Throughput Microfluidic Platform
NA Erkamp, M Oeller, T Sneideris, H Ausserwoger, A Levin, TJ Welsh, R Qi, D Qian, N Lorenzen, H Zhu, P Sormanni, M Vendruscolo, TPJ Knowles
– Analytical Chemistry
Modulating Nucleic Acid Phase Transitions as a Mechanism of Action for Cell-Penetrating Antimicrobial Peptides
T Sneideris, N Erkamp, H Ausserwöger, K Saar, T Welsh, D Qian, M Johncock, G Krainer, A Borodavka, T Knowles
Multiphase condensates from a kinetically arrested phase transition
N Erkamp, T Sneideris, H Ausserwöger, D Qian, S Qamar, J Nixon-Abell, PS George-Hyslop, J Schmit, D Weitz, TPJ Knowles
– Nature Communications
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