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Centre for Misfolding Diseases


The chromatin regulator HMGA1a undergoes phase separation in the nucleus
H Zhu, M Narita, J Joseph, G Krainer, W Arter, I Olan, K Saar, N Ermann, J Espinosa, Y Shen, MA Kuri, R Qi, T Welsh, Y Xu, R Collepardo-Guevara, M Narita, T Knowles
Liquid-Liquid Phase-Separated Systems from Reversible Gel-Sol Transition of Protein Microgels
Y Xu, R Qi, H Zhu, B Li, Y Shen, G Krainer, D Klenerman, TPJ Knowles
– Advanced Materials
Learning the molecular grammar of protein condensates from sequence determinants and embeddings.
KL Saar, AS Morgunov, R Qi, WE Arter, G Krainer, AA Lee, TPJ Knowles
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
High Resolution and Multidimensional Protein Condensate Phase Diagrams with a Combinatorial Microdroplet Platform
W Arter, R Qi, N Erkamp, G Krainer, K Didi, T Welsh, J Acker, J Nixon-Abell, S Qamar, Y Xu, J Guillén-Boixet, T Franzmann, D Kuster, A Hyman, A Borodavka, P St George-Hyslop, S Alberti, TPJ Knowles
Comparative characterisation of non-monodisperse gold nanoparticle populations by X-ray scattering and electron microscopy.
Y Yang, S Liao, Z Luo, R Qi, N Mac Fhionnlaoich, F Stellacci, S Guldin
– Nanoscale
Application of the Spatial Distribution Function to Colloidal Ordering
N Mac Fhionnlaoich, R Qi, S Guldin
– Langmuir
Probing the interaction of nanoparticles with small molecules in real time via quartz crystal microbalance monitoring.
Y Yang, G Poss, Y Weng, R Qi, H Zheng, N Nianias, ER Kay, S Guldin
– Nanoscale
A Toolkit to Quantify Target Compounds in Thin-Layer-Chromatography Experiments
N Mac Fhionnlaoich, S Ibsen, LA Serrano, A Taylor, R Qi, S Guldin
– Journal of Chemical Education

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