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Centre for Misfolding Diseases


Perphenazine–Macrocycle Conjugates Rapidly Sequester the Aβ42 Monomer and Prevent Formation of Toxic Oligomers and Amyloid
SR Ball, JSP Adamson, MA Sullivan, MR Zimmermann, V Lo, M Sanz-Hernandez, X Jiang, AH Kwan, ADJ McKenzie, EL Werry, TPJ Knowles, M Kassiou, G Meisl, MH Todd, PJ Rutledge, M Sunde
– ACS Chem Neurosci
Bayesian Approaches for the Mechanistic Analysis of Protein Aggregation Kinetics
M Zimmermann
Microfluidic characterisation reveals broad range of SARS-CoV-2 antibody affinity in human plasma
MM Schneider, M Emmenegger, CK Xu, I Condado Morales, G Meisl, P Turelli, C Zografou, MR Zimmermann, BM Frey, S Fiedler, V Denninger, RP Jacquat, L Madrigal, A Ilsley, V Kosmoliaptsis, H Fiegler, D Trono, TP Knowles, A Aguzzi
– Life science alliance
Kinetic and Thermodynamic Driving Factors in the Assembly of Phenylalanine-Based Modules.
D Zaguri, MR Zimmermann, G Meisl, A Levin, S Rencus-Lazar, TPJ Knowles, E Gazit
– ACS Nano
Mechanism of Secondary Nucleation at the Single Fibril Level from Direct Observations of Aβ42 Aggregation
MR Zimmermann, SC Bera, G Meisl, S Dasadhikari, S Ghosh, S Linse, K Garai, TPJ Knowles
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Virtual hackathon to tackle COVID-19 unmet needs.
WS Bolton, S Ng, A Lam, J Kinch, V Parchment, WP Foster, MR Zimmermann, JQ Teh, A Simpson, K Sharma, R Kerstein, J Burke, SJ Chapman, PR Culmer, DG Jayne, MedTech Foundation
– BMJ innovations
Effects of sedimentation, microgravity, hydrodynamic mixing and air-water interface on α-synuclein amyloid formation
J Zhou, FS Ruggeri, MR Zimmermann, G Meisl, G Longo, SK Sekatskii, TPJ Knowles, G Dietler
– Chem Sci
The catalytic nature of protein aggregation.
AJ Dear, G Meisl, TCT Michaels, MR Zimmermann, S Linse, TPJ Knowles
– The Journal of Chemical Physics

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