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Centre for Misfolding Diseases


Strategy for Controlled Protection of Redox-Cycling Ortho-Quinones with Self-Immolative Linkers
L Dunsmore
Precise Installation of Diazo-Tagged Side-Chains on Proteins to Enable In Vitro and In-Cell Site-Specific Labeling.
B Bernardim, L Dunsmore, H Li, B Hocking, R Nuñez-Franco, CD Navo, G Jiménez-Osés, ACB Burtoloso, GJL Bernardes
– Bioconjugate chemistry
A Water-Bridged Cysteine-Cysteine Redox Regulation Mechanism in Bacterial Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases
JB Bertoldo, T Rodrigues, L Dunsmore, FA Aprile, MC Marques, LA Rosado, O Boutureira, TB Steinbrecher, W Sherman, F Corzana, H Terenzi, GJL Bernardes
– Chem

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