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Centre for Misfolding Diseases

Zacharias Faidon Brotzakis is a FEBS individual Post-Doc fellow at the Centre of Misfolding Diseases of at Cambridge University. His work focuses on developing and using integrative structural biology methods combining computational techniques such as Metadynamics and Transition Path Sampling and experiments such as Cryo-EM to unveil and control mechanistic aspects of Alzheimers and Parkinsons Disease, leading to rational drug-design strategies. He was a post-doc researcher in the Parrinello group at ETHz and USI. He received his PhD in the Bolhuis group in UvA , entitled "Hydration shell dynamics & association mechanisms of food & anti-freeze proteins" and started his academic career at his master thesis in polymer dynamics in the Theodorou group. Over the years his research has focused on the development and application of new computational methods in the field of complex biomolecular reactions.




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