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Centre for Misfolding Diseases


Secondary Processes Dominate the Quiescent, Spontaneous Aggregation of α‑Synuclein at Physiological pH with Sodium Salts
RI Horne, MA Metrick, W Man, DJ Rinauro, ZF Brotzakis, S Chia, G Meisl, M Vendruscolo
– ACS chemical neuroscience
On the aberrant nature of tau protein: biophysical approaches to characterise and target aggregation in neurodegeneration
DJ Rinauro
Varied mechanisms for the neutralization of biological toxins using natural products
R Limbocker, J Gabriel, T Tan, DJ Rinauro, M Vendruscolo
– Biophysical journal
EGCG inactivates a pore-forming toxin by promoting its oligomerization and decreasing its solvent-exposed hydrophobicity?
JM Gabriel, T Tan, DJ Rinauro, CM Hsu, CJ Buettner, M Gilmer, A Kaur, TL McKenzie, M Park, S Cohen, S Errico, AK Wright, F Chiti, M Vendruscolo, R Limbocker
– Chem Biol Interact
A Brain-Permeable Aminosterol Regulates Cell Membranes to Mitigate the Toxicity of Diverse Pore-Forming Agents
RP Kreiser, AK Wright, LR Sasser, DJ Rinauro, JM Gabriel, CM Hsu, JA Hurtado, TL McKenzie, S Errico, JA Albright, L Richardson, VA Jaffett, DE Riegner, LT Nguyen, K LeForte, M Zasloff, JE Hollows, F Chiti, M Vendruscolo, R Limbocker
– ACS Chem Neurosci
Therapeutic drug targeting in Alzheimer's disease
R Geiser, M Sanguanini, R Staats, D Rinauro, M Metrick, P Ciryam, S Casford, E Zhao, J Fleming, S Hunter, C Brayne, M Vendruscolo
– Biophysical Journal
A Structural Ensemble of a Tau-Microtubule Complex Reveals Regulatory Tau Phosphorylation and Acetylation Mechanisms
ZF Brotzakis, PR Lindstedt, RJ Taylor, DJ Rinauro, NCT Gallagher, GJL Bernardes, M Vendruscolo
– ACS Central Science
Nonhuman IAPP Variants Inhibit Human IAPP Aggregation.
A Oakes, K Menefee, A Lamba, LM Palato, DJ Rinauro, A Tun, B Jauregui, K Chang, LA Nogaj, DA Moffet
– Protein and Peptide Letters
Amyloidogenicity of naturally occurring full‐length animal IAPP variants
LM Palato, S Pilcher, A Oakes, A Lamba, J Torres, LI Ledesma Monjaraz, C Munoz, E Njoo, DJ Rinauro, KA Menefee, A Tun, BL Jauregui, S Shapiro, OH Nossiff, E Olivares, K Chang, V Nguyen, LA Nogaj, DA Moffet
– Journal of Peptide Science

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