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Centre for Misfolding Diseases

Selected Publications 

Biomembranes in bioelectronic sensing
AK Jayaram, AM Pappa, S Ghosh, ZA Manzer, WC Traberg, TPJ Knowles, S Daniel, RM Owens – Trends in biotechnology (2021) 40, 107
Interactions of α-synuclein oligomers with lipid membranes.
G Musteikytė, AK Jayaram, CK Xu, M Vendruscolo, G Krainer, TPJ Knowles – Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Biomembranes (2020) 1863, 183536
Selenium Silk Nanostructured Films with Antifungal and Antibacterial Activity
Z Toprakcioglu, EG Wiita, AK Jayaram, RC Gregory, TPJ Knowles – ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2023) 15, 10452
Formation of Protein Nanoparticles in Microdroplet Flow Reactors
Q Zhang, Z Toprakcioglu, AK Jayaram, G Guo, X Wang, TPJ Knowles – ACS Nano (2023) 17, 11335
Direct digital sensing of protein biomarkers in solution
G Krainer, KL Saar, WE Arter, TJ Welsh, MA Czekalska, RPB Jacquat, Q Peter, WC Traberg, A Pujari, AK Jayaram, P Challa, CG Taylor, L-M van der Linden, T Franzmann, RM Owens, S Alberti, D Klenerman, TPJ Knowles – Nat Commun (2023) 14, 653

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